Working and Getting a Job in Cyprus as a Foreigner

It looks like you want to find a job and work in Cyprus. So let’s consider the possibilities!

If you plan to move to Cyprus and work as a foreign worker, then this guide is for you! We have covered every detail you may want to know about working in Cyprus as an immigrant. As you can guess, the first step is getting a visa. Here are the details you need to know about working in Cyprus.

Not Everyone Needs a Work Visa in Cyprus

Cyprus is a member of the European Union and therefore EU legislation applies here as well. As a result of this, all European Union citizens can visit and work in Cyprus without a need for a visa. If you're an EU citizen, you and your family members don't need anything to work or live in the country.

All you need is an employment contract. Once you get this document, you can apply for work registration and work in the country as much as you want.

How to Apply for a Work Visa in Cyprus?

If you're not an EU citizen, you need a valid visa to enter the country and work there legally. All you need is an employment contract that your employer will issue, and you can apply for a work visa with this document.

Your employer needs to notify the Ministry of Labor in Cyprus that he needs to hire you. Overall, the process is simple and takes a maximum of 40 days. The Ministry will perform a background check to learn whether the company has enough funds to hire a new employee.

The Ministry may not approve the hiring process in some cases, which usually happens for fake employment contracts.

Moreover, the company also proves that they cannot find someone in Cyprus to fill that position or why you are the perfect employee for them.

There are two types of companies in Cyprus. The first one is the Cyprus companies, and the second one is international companies that bring foreign investment to the country. In general, it's much easier for global companies to get this permission from the Ministry.

How Can You Get a Work Visa in Cyprus?

The only way to get a work visa in Cyprus is to get a job in the country. Although the following section is not related to the employee, knowing them can significantly contribute to your hiring process. All foreign workers are classified under three headings.

Executive Directors

If your salary will bee more than €41,000, and you're going to take part in an executive position in a company, you'll be in this group. Depending on the company's size, they can hire up to five workers for this and similar positions.

Mid-Level Personnel

If your salary will be less than €41,000 but more than €21,000, you'll be considered in this group. People who are going to work in managerial or technical positions are regarded as mid-level personnel and can be granted a work visa.

Supporting Personnel

All other workers who don't fit the previously mentioned categories are considered in this group. However, employers must prove that you are the perfect person to fill this position. In other words, they have to prove that they cannot find Cypriot or other European citizens for this position.

What Documents Should You Submit for Application?

Just like all visa application procedures, a work visa in Cyprus also requires some documents to submit. Applicants need to make the following documents ready before applying for a work visa:

  • Passport with at least two years of validity
  • Visa application form
  • Clean criminal record
  • Health insurance and medical record
  • A bank statement that shows you have enough funds in your account to stay in the country
  • Employment contract
  • Application fee (€270)

How Long Does It Take to Get Your Visa?

After the application, it will be concluded at most three months. Depending on where you are going to apply for a work visa, the process can take shorter. On average, you'll learn the result of your application in two months.

However, it is worth noting that the application evaluation period can take up to 6 months in rare cases.