The Most Effective & Fastest Ways to Find a Job in Ireland

You want to find a job and work in Ireland, huh? Sláinte! Ireland is also a great country to live in!

Ireland is one of the best countries to live in. If you are planning to migrate to Ireland for any reason, first you need to find a stable job. This is why we have compiled some of the methods you can use to find a new job in Ireland.

Just like in all countries, Ireland has its own procedures and requirements to work as a foreigner. For example, people living outside of the European Union must apply for an employment permit first. It is not possible to work legally in Ireland without an employment permit.

Unfortunately, Ireland does not grant employment permits for all professions. The list is updated all the time and you need to refer to the official website of the Irish government to check the current list.

Another important factor is your fluency in English. Those who are planning to find a job in Ireland must be fluent in both spoken and written English. If you have the required skills and profession, the following information will be useful for you.

We have gathered methods you can use to find a job in Ireland. So, let’s start checking them!

Recruitment Agencies in Ireland

As you can guess, recruitment agencies are the first and best choice to find a job in any country. Ireland is not an exception. Ireland is looking for skilled workers in some industries such as science, finance, human resources, technology, and health.

Although you can find a decent job with the help of recruitment agencies, it may be challenging to get a response from them. In general, they prefer to contact job seekers who arrive in Ireland. Therefore, you may want to pay a visit to this beautiful country and then contact the agencies.

Providing an Irish address and phone number will significantly increase your chances to attract the attention of recruiters. It will be worth noting that these agencies receive plenty of inquiries. Thus, we recommend applying for more than one agency to improve your chances.

Another important detail you need to know is recruitment agencies in Ireland do not charge the applications for the services they provide. However, it will be a better idea to avoid applying for the same position or job over multiple agencies.

Job-Seeking Websites in Ireland

Another quick and easy method to find a job in Ireland is job-seeking websites. As you can access thousands of vacancies through these websites, you can also learn plenty of tricks to customize your resume.

Most of these websites also share tips and tricks that will be beneficial for you during the job interviews. The number of recruiters who are looking for new employees through online platforms is increasing rapidly in Ireland.

Some of the popular job-seeking websites include:

  • FRS Recruitment
  • Career Builder
  • CV-Library
  • Career Jet
  • Grafton Recruitment

Job Ads in Irish Newspapers

If you want to go old-school and look for a new job with traditional methods, Irish newspapers can be a great tool. However, the number of recruiters preferring online platforms such as job-seeking websites is increasing every year.

This does not mean that you cannot find a decent job through the newspapers, but your options will be limited. Popular newspapers such as Irish Times have a separate section for job ads. They also share the same list on their official website.

You can also prefer the local newspapers when you arrive in Ireland. Below, you can find some of the newspapers you can check:

  • Irish Times
  • Irish Independent
  • Sunday Independent

Finding a Job Using Social Media in Ireland

You may already know LinkedIn, which is a social media platform for business owners and employees. Besides LinkedIn, you can also find job opportunities on other popular platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. To be honest, your chances to find a new job through social media are slim but not impossible.

If you do not have a LinkedIn account yet, we recommend joining this network now. You can contact numerous business owners or managers online. All social media platforms offer a great networking opportunity in Ireland.