Profitable Business Ideas for Foreigners in Turkey

Curious about profitable business to do in Turkey? Then you’re in the right place!

Increasing market share and profitability is an essential issue for every investor. It may be possible to reach this goal by opening up to international markets, but you also need to protect your investment and profitability. In order to do this, you must choose the country you will invest in carefully.

Turkey is a country where the government is eager to attract foreign investors and cares about providing favorable conditions for new investors. Whether it is a start-up or a ready-made business project, it will always find the support of local governments with minimum financial costs. The Republic of Turkey is open to new ideas and foreign entrepreneurs who are ready to start, maintain and develop their businesses under favorable conditions.

So let’s talk about the details!

Business Ideas for Investment in Turkey

Turkey is a vast and opportunity-filled investment area for the business world. It doesn’t matter how much your company’s initial capital is. What matters is where the investment is directed and the entrepreneur’s goal. Despite the geopolitical unrest, the Turkish state is very loyal to its investment programs and foreign investors on the world stage.

Among the existing initiatives in Turkey, several areas have become popular in the last ten years.

Tourism Business in Turkey

Old City Marina - Antalya

Turkey’s natural beauties, mild climate, and warm sea have always been the focus of tourists from all over the world. Antalya, a beautiful Mediterranean city, attracts tens of millions of visitors every year alone. A particularly large influx of tourists is observed from the cross-border regions of the CIS countries, Ukraine and Russia.

Any foreign national entrepreneur can open a tourism business in Turkey. For example, you can do this with a franchise or by purchasing a boutique hotel in Antalya. The country’s geographical location, developed infrastructure, and year-round tourist influx make it possible to open a hotel business in Turkey with a quick payback and relatively low initial investment.

Restaurant Business in Turkey

Also, together with the hotel business in Turkey, you can open a restaurant that will become a source of additional income and a place to relax your hotel guests and other citizens of the country. You can start such a startup in a variety of ways. For example, you can buy a ready-made restaurant/cafe in Turkey or start from scratch.

Agriculture and Food Investments in Turkey

Another popular idea for investors aiming for a long and productive business is the production of agricultural and food products. Experts believe that the best option for this industry is to grow and sell products that are popular with expats. When it comes to agricultural activities for product export, you can broaden your horizons by choosing the most understandable niche for the investor and always in demand from foreign partners.

Don’t forget that Turkey is rich in heat and sun, which allows you to grow trees such as eucalyptus. The oil of this magnificent plant is always in demand in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.