Permanent Residency by Investment in Germany

Permanent residence permit in Germany by investment? Clever idea! It’s not as easy as you might think, but it’s possible. Let’s talk about possibilities.

It is possible for you to receive a permanent residence permit by investing in Germany. Anyone, with a clean criminal history, meeting all the requirements by the German government can receive their permit in a very short time. Of course, you need to have enough budget to meet these requirements. Germany requires one of the least investment balances in the European Union. In the past, you could receive the permit by investing at least €250,000 in Germany and employ at least five German citizens. However, it is much easier now and if you would like to learn more, then keep reading!

Why is obtaining a permanent residence permit by investing favorable?

The majority of the European Union countries issue a permanent residence permit for those who invest in their countries. This can be buying a house or providing employment for their citizens. This application is a kind of incentive that is issued to overcome the financial crisis and strengthen their economies. There are many agencies, which provide professional consultancy and carry out all the procedures for you to be eligible for the permit as well.

It is possible to start a business in Germany in any industry you want. The German government does not put any limitations on your operation areas. In addition to this, you can also receive this permit by becoming a partner to or overtaking any German business. This visa type is also referred to as Germany Entrepreneur Visa.

What are the basic principles of this incentive?

Of course, every investment will be monitored closely and evaluated well to make sure that the government will benefit from this investment at most. The first thing that is considered is whether the investment meets any regional demand economically. The government assets the added value that the business will provide to its economy.

If we need to give an example, let’s say that you are going to start a business that processes raw plastics to create plastic bottles. If the government has already plenty of similar businesses and these businesses have challenging times in finding qualified employees, then your application can be rejected.

Another important criterion that the German government looks for is the investment is provided by the investor, but not any other third party. If you do have not enough funds, you can also apply for loans.

Which papers required for obtaining a permanent residence permit?

Any investors willing to receive a permanent residence permit must file a series of paperwork to the government for the application. These papers are:

  • Investment and business project,
  • The concept of the project,
  • Capital of the business,
  • Financial plan of the business to be established,
  • Estimated profit and lost prediction,
  • Health insurance
  • Resume of the investor

Although the process seems quite easy, it consists of many procedures consisting of long process times and requires plenty of attention and effort. This is why it will be better for you to receive professional assistance or guidance. There are many German agencies that are established for this purpose, and they can make the processes much easier for you.