Is Georgia Safe for Travelers?

Wondering if it’s safe to travel to Georgia? Yes, it’s safe if you pay attention to some points! Let’s examine together how safe Georgia is for tourism.

Although Georgia can be considered a safe country to travel to, you need to pay attention to a few details. For example, you should avoid visiting areas bordering Russia. The country doesn’t have a stable order, and it can be pretty dangerous for foreigners who blindly explore the city.

But don’t let the above-mentioned details scare you. You can still visit Georgia and enjoy a wonderful trip. However, all you need to do is pay attention to some facts. For instance, regions such as South Ossetia and Abkhazia were terrorist training grounds in the past.

Although the government states there are no activities in the area, it’s still a good idea to forget about exploring these areas. Moreover, Tbilisi (the capital of Georgia) is a very safe city to visit for foreigners, and we guarantee that you’ll enjoy your time there!

Tips for Staying Safe When Traveling to Georgia

If you plan to visit Georgia in the future, here are some tips to keep in mind during your visit.

Buying Travel Insurance

In fact, this is a general recommendation no matter which country you are going to visit. You can cover most of your health expenses with good travel insurance and save thousands of dollars in exchange for a few hundred dollars at the most.

Avoid Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Both of these regions are located on the borders of Russia, and they are not safe areas to visit for foreigners. The Georgian government has recently been dealing with some kind of conflict in these areas. Unfortunately, there are also many unexploded landmines in the area.

Due to the conflict between Russia and Georgia, you cannot visit the country when you come from Russia. You may want to keep this in mind too.

Be Careful While Visiting Mountains

There are plenty of impressive mountains for skiing and mountaineering. However, due to the harsh weather conditions, you need to be careful and always visit these areas with a guide. If you have doubts about the weather, it always makes sense to postpone your trip.

In addition, the safety standards for adventure sports in Georgia are unfortunately quite low. If you’re going to engage in any activity, we recommend checking the reviews and getting services from certified professionals.

Stay Alert and Be Careful

Like most other countries, locals tend to perceive all tourists as wealthy millionaires, and theft can be a problem. Although the risks are low, it is better to stay alert and avoid unwanted issues.

We also don’t recommend carrying a lot of cash and wearing flashy watches or jewelry. These are typical recommendations for any country you are going to visit.

Learn Basic Words or Use Translation Applications

Although most of the locals are hospitable, only a few can speak English. They’ll be glad to help you whenever you need help. However, it’s better to learn some essential words or use translation applications to tell your problem.

If you’re determined to learn a few Georgian words, you’re in luck. You can find plenty of online resources that can help you before you visit Georgia. Besides this, you can always rely on Google translate as a good translation application.

Beware of Bar Scams in Tbilisi

Unfortunately, there is a popular scam in Tbilisi. Some locals usually meet foreigners and invite them for a few drinks or a meal at a bar. After that, they force the guests to pay an exorbitant bill. Although your chances of experiencing this scam are slim, you still need to be careful.

Be Careful While Driving

If you’re going to rent a car and drive, we have some bad news for you. Unfortunately, roads in Georgia are not in good condition. Moreover, most Georgian drivers are reckless, and thus, the country has one of the highest traffic accident rates in the world.

Also, most traffic signs are missing, and you can quickly get confused. Remember to always wear your seat belt!

Avoid Protests and Demonstrations

Locals usually organize protests or demonstrations in Tbilisi, and you may not want to be in the area when one is happening. Things may turn violent quickly, and you can get yourself into trouble. The best thing you can do is leave the area as soon as possible without getting involved in anything!