Investing in France is a Great Idea. Here's Why.

Looking for a reason to invest in France? You are in the right place!

Being in the European Union, France offers many opportunities to international investors and entrepreneurs. If you are looking for a new country to start a business or expand your operation, then this guide is for you! Below, we’ve rounded up some of the top reasons why you should invest in France.

We highly recommend checking out all these facts before making a final decision about investing abroad. So, let’s stop wasting more time and check them out.

10 Reasons to Invest in France

Here are some of the most prominent reasons that can convince you to invest in France. If you are planning to invest in this country, don’t miss your chance to read all of them!

R&D Opportunities with Innovation Support

Did you know that France ranks number six in terms of the number of international patent registries? This is proof that the French government supports innovative approaches and R&D studies. Besides this, the country is famous for its incentives for technology.

Today, there are 86 France-based companies on the 500 best performing companies list. Besides this, France-based companies are the most successful ones in all the European Union. The French government has amazing programs to support innovative and R&D companies.

Privileges for International Investors

If you are planning to start a business in France, the government will provide you with every convenience you may be looking for. Moreover, the EU Blue Card and the success of French companies attract highly qualified employees to the country.

The French government also has a special program called French Tech Ticket. If you are planning to start a company in France in the technology field, the government provides convenience in visa and local references as well as grants you €30,000.

Unique Lifestyle and Cultural Harmony

France attracts many tourists every year. The country ranks third in terms of the number of tourists visiting every year. This gives the government the infrastructure it needs to meet the growing demand in the country and attract more visitors.

Moreover, France ranks sixth in life expectancy at birth with 82.5 years. You can also find people from all nationalities living permanently in the country. It goes without saying that the Louvre, which is the most visited museum in the world, and the Eiffel Tower are located in France too.

Favorable Taxing System and Regulations

Recently, labor costs in France decreased by six percent. This allowed companies in France to save more than 20 billion Euros in one year. It is worth noting that the French government also offers many incentives and tax reductions for both local and foreign investors. Moreover, if you operate in the R&D field, the government provides extra bonuses for these companies.

You can also enjoy affordable loans with favorable interest rates.

Skilled Labor Force

As we previously mentioned, France attracts highly qualified employees with its successful companies and the EU Blue Card. The country also invests in the education system more than most of the European Union countries including Germany and Italy.

As a result, besides attracting an international labor force, France also raises an educated and skilled labor force. It is worth noting that France ranks number six in the hourly productivity of labor. In this list, Germany ranked number 7, while the United Kingdom ranks number 13.

Competitive Salaries

The minimum wage in France is lower than in the United States, Germany, and Japan. This allows companies to save money while employing some of the best and skilled work and labor force in the world.

Another advantage of France is operation costs are lower than the United States, Germany, Italy, and Japan. Basically, you can save money by simply registering your company in France.

Powerful Economy

France has a powerful and steady economy, which makes it the second largest economy in the European Union. In addition to this, it is the fourth and sixth largest exporter in services and goods, respectively.

Needless to say, there are 31 France-based companies among the world’s top 500 companies.

Strategic Location

France is a member of the European Union and has a quite strategic location to access all around the world. It benefits from the European road network, but it is also famous for its airports. France owns the first and second in freight and passenger airports in the European Union, respectively.

Moreover, it also benefits from a high-speed railway network. It is the second-largest and most efficient network in the area.

An Important Market in Europe

France has a population of over 65 million and a per capita income of more than $37,000. This makes the country the second-largest market in the European Union. Moreover, the country also ranks number two in the European birth rate.

Experts also believe that these trends will continue to grow in the following years. Thus, France has a huge and promising potential to be a much better country for foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

A Great Country for International Investments

If you have read this far, then you may already notice that France is an amazing country for international investors and entrepreneurs. Many international investors prefer to invest in the technology and industrial sector.

Today, France ranks second in Europe and fourth in the world in terms of foreign direct investment.

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