How to Start a Call Center in Turkey

Find out all the information about starting a call center in Turkey by reading this article!

If you are planning to start a call center business and you are considering Turkey as the center of your operations, you are on the right track. Turkish Lira lost a great value in the last decade and it seems like it is going to lose value in the following years.

This makes Turkey a great country to start a call center. With low labor costs and strategic location, you can serve all around the world by maximizing your profits. Considering the incentives of the Turkish government, starting a company as a foreigner in Turkey is highly favorable.

In this guide, we are going to discuss everything you would like to know about starting a call center in Turkey.

How to Start a Call Center in Turkey?

We assure you that you have already made your business plans, picked the call center type, and taken care of other basic stuff. Thus, in this section, we are going to provide direct information. It is worth noting that starting a call center in Turkey is not much different than starting any other business.

Get Tax Number from Any Tax Office

Let’s assume that you are planning to start your call center in Istanbul. You have to visit the closest tax office in your district to get a tax number to start your business. You can also carry out most of the operations online.

Since registering a company in Turkey can be complicated, we recommend receiving professional assistance from agencies. This will cut the time required to start a business and helps you avoid additional costs.

Rent or Buy a Real Estate in Turkey for Your Business

You need to provide an address to register your company. In this respect, you need to rent or buy real estate in Turkey. This will be the legal address of your business and your office should not be located in this location.

It is important to note that you have to pay the rent fee from your company’s bank account, but not your personal account. In this way, you can enjoy tax reductions at certain periods.

Decide On the Company Type

One of the best things about Turkey is foreign investors can start any company type they like. There are no limitations about which companies you can start and run. Depending on the company type you are going to prefer, the registration procedures can vary.

This is why you may want to receive professional assistance from an expert. You can hire an accounting company to help you all through the processes.

Outsource Accounting Services

You do not have to hire an accountant for your company, who will work in your office. Most of the new companies outsource these services. So, you can do the same too. In fact, a regular accountant is eligible to carry out all the operations, including starting or registering your company.

Register Your Company

After completing all the above-mentioned procedures, you can legally register your company now. Although you need to visit the trade registry or tax office, all these operations can be carried out over online services too.

If you give a power of attorney to your accountant, he or she can do everything for you. All you will need to do is sign some paperwork to officially set up your company in Turkey.

Open a Company Bank Account

For the last step, all you need to do is visit any of the banks you like in Turkey and open an account for your company. You will be asked to provide some paperwork about your company to open an account. These may vary depending on the banks. Your accountant can provide you with consultancy for the best banks in Turkey.