How to Immigrate to the UK by Marriage?

Best wishes on this wonderful journey, as you build your new lives together in UK!

The best and possibly easiest way to immigrate to the UK is by marrying someone who is a UK citizen. People who prefer this method should apply for a spouse visa. There are a set of requirements to achieve this opportunity to immigrate to the UK.

In this guide, we are going to cover every detail that you may want to learn about a UK spouse visa, which is also known as a UK marriage visa.

So, let’s start without wasting more time!

What Is a UK Marriage Visa?

As we previously described, this visa, which is also known as a UK spouse visa, allows people who married a UK citizen to live in the kingdom. To be eligible to apply for this spouse visa, you need to marry someone who is a UK citizen and has no immigration restrictions.

Besides immigrating to the United Kingdom, a marriage visa also allows people to work or study in the kingdom. Of course, you need to be granted the visa first.

This visa will be valid between 30 and 33 months. If you are going to apply for this visa while you are already in the United Kingdom, you will be granted a marriage visa for 30 months. Applicants who are going to apply for a visa abroad will be granted a visa for 33 months.

What Are UK Spouse Visa Requirements?

Just like all visa types, the UK spouse visa also has some requirements. We have compiled these requirements in the following:

  • Your spouse must be at legal age, i.e., 18 years or older
  • Spouses must meet each other and be legally married. The UK government performs background checks for arranged marriages.
  • You and your spouse must live together to be granted this visa.
  • Both of you need to have enough funds to support yourselves and your children (if any).
  • Your partner must have an income of a minimum of £18,600 yearly or needs to have enough funds at the bank. If you have children, this minimum amount will be higher.
  • You need to have accommodation in the United Kingdom.
  • You need satisfying English skills.

How to Apply for a Spouse Visa in the UK and How Long Does It Take?

It is possible to apply for a spouse visa from any part of the world, including the United Kingdom. People who are already in the United Kingdom and have student, work, or fiancé visas for more than 6 months remaining can switch their visa to a spouse visa.

In general, you will learn the result of your application between 2 and 12 weeks. However, these periods greatly depend on the country you are going to submit your application to.

Is It Possible to Extend the UK Spouse Visa?

Of course, you can extend your UK spouse visa and it is one of the requirements to get UK citizenship. Spouses can request an extension and will be granted for 30 more months. Of course, a background check will be carried out to determine whether you are still married or living together.

The United Kingdom government pays utmost attention to prevent arranged marriages. If you and your spouse meet all the requirements, your visa will be extended for 30 more months. At the end of the second visa, you will be living in the UK for 60 months.

At the end of this period, you can apply for UK Citizenship.

What Are the English Language Requirements for a Spouse Visa?

Applicants must prove that they have satisfactory skills to speak and understand English. People who are grown in countries where the official language is not English, or do not have a degree taught in English, must pass the English language test.

The test must be provided by an approved test provider, and it is possible to take the test in any part of the world.