How to Immigrate to Russia by Marriage

Find out all the information about marriage immigration and spouse visa in Russia by reading this article!

Currently, Russia is one of the most powerful countries in the world, with a stable and powerful economy. The steady economic growth of the country is quite promising. It is no surprise that more and more people are planning to immigrate to Russia.

If you are one of these people and looking for the easiest method to immigrate to Russia, then we can recommend immigrating to Russia by marriage. So far, this is the best and easiest way to achieve your goal.

Below, you can find detailed information you may want to know about immigrating to Russia by marriage.

What Is a Temporary Residence Permit?

A temporary residence permit is a kind of visa that allows foreigners to stay in Russia for a predetermined period. This visa can be acquired with different methods and those who are going to marry a Russian citizen need to apply for this visa.

This application can be submitted through any Russian embassy around the world. If you are already in Russia, you can also submit your application to the Ministry of Internal Affairs. After living in Russia for at least a year, you will be able to apply for a permanent residence permit.

People who have been living in Russia for three years and stayed married with their partners during this period can apply for Russian citizenship too. In general, this period is five years, i.e., 60 months in most countries. However, the Russian government requires 36 months.

What Are Requirements to Apply for Residence Permits?

Here are the requirements that you need to meet to be granted residence permits. You need to meet all these requirements to be eligible for the visa:

  • You need to marry a Russian who is 18 years old or older.
  • You and your spouse must live in Russia together in the same house during your stay.
  • You and your spouse must have enough income or funds to cover your needs.
  • You need to pass the Russian language test.
  • You need to pass the Russian law and history tests.

There are various courses provided by the agencies, which help you to get prepared for the above-mentioned tests. With some dedication, you can easily pass these tests.

Advantages of Immigrating to Russia by Marriage

Russia is very picky in terms of granting Russian citizenship to foreigners. They give great importance to choosing individuals who are going to contribute to their economy and provide added value to the community.

Without a doubt, Russia has been one of the most powerful countries in the world. Considering the financial crisis in Europe and the United States, it seems like Russia will be one of the two powerful countries in the future, together with China.

Living in this community will greatly contribute to the welfare of your family. Besides, the low crime rates make Russia one of the best countries to raise your children.

In addition to this, Russian citizens are able to visit more than 110 countries without any visa requirements. Besides a solid economy, leadership, and government, you can enjoy visiting most of the cities and countries without wasting time or effort.