Here's How Estonia Became a Leader in High Technology

Estonia, a country that continues to grow rapidly with tech reforms.

If high technology is in question, Estonia attracts all the attention. Have you ever wondered how Estonia became a leader in high technology before? The country struggled a lot after gaining independence from the Soviet Union.

It was quite poor about three decades ago, but today, Estonia is leading in high technology. In this article, we are going to discuss the process and what Estonia did to achieve this title. As you can guess, it did not happen overnight.

Estonia started its investment in the 1990s. In 2020, every classroom in the country will have computer rooms. Later on, schools started to provide online education. Estonia is one of the first countries to provide online education.

Another important thing that Estonia did was to direct students to technology entrepreneurship areas. Today, most of the small businesses in the country work with reputable and experienced developers, engineers, and programmers.

Of course, the Estonian government does its best to attract these highly skilled employees to their country with many incentives.

5 Facts Behind the Success of Estonia to Be the Leader in High Technology

Although there are many elements to consider for the success of Estonia, we believe that the following topics have the leading impact. Below, you are going to find 5 topics that the Estonian government put focus on.

Digital Nomad and e-Residency Visa

e-Residency service started to be offered by the Estonian government in 2014. This means that people who are going to start a business in Estonia do not have to live in the country. As of today, more than 50,000 people have already benefited from this service.

Providing such an amazing opportunity for entrepreneurs attracted more investors to the country. As you can guess, the number of successful businesses increased dramatically in Estonia. Today, you can start a business in Estonia without leaving your home in English or the United States.

If you are a digital nomad, Estonia can be quite appealing for you. The country offers a digital nomad visa for freelancers and those who work remotely. This provides an amazing opportunity to visit Estonia and stay here as much as you want.

Of course, the visa has a limited duration, but it can be renewed at any time by visiting the relevant government institutions.


Without a doubt, Estonia is one of the best countries in terms of digital advancement. The government promotes and encourages online culture. You can carry out almost all operations online.

You can literally do everything online. This includes starting and registering a new company or signing the required documents. You do not have to visit any bank to open an account either. All banks offer online services and you do not have to be physically present to open your business or personal accounts.

Hiring New Candidates

One of the outstanding moves that the Estonian government made is allowing hiring new employees quickly and easily. The Startup Visa that was offered in 2017 allows individuals from other countries to visit and work in Estonia without any challenge.

This boosted the technical capability of Estonian startups. It also attracts more workers to these startups.

Technology Education

One of the most popular education fields in Estonia is technology. The country began to focus on technology education in the 2000s. Today, you can find plenty of programs in universities that focus on technology and its sub-branches.

Besides technology, different programs in programming, engineering, and entrepreneurship are also available country-wide. As a result, Estonians always enjoy a head-start in their initiatives.

Cheap Cost of Living

Another important factor that contributes to the success of Estonia is the cheap cost of living. Everything is quite cheap in the country, including the rents. This helps business owners to cut their costs and invest in their initiatives more.

You should not worry about the salaries. Despite the cheap cost of living in Estonia, employees are well-paid. You will not have any trouble living in the country. You can even have a decent lifestyle in most European countries with the money you are going to make.