Guide: Application for Belize Citizenship

Wondering how to become a Belize citizen?

Belize is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. If you are planning a retirement plan and want to get Belize citizenship, then this guide is for you. We have covered every detail you may want to learn about becoming a Belize citizen.

How to Get Belize Citizenship?

Belize citizenship is provided to applicants who have been legally living in the country for a minimum of 5 years. Of course, besides this, you need to meet certain requirements required by the government.

In general, the applications are finalized within 6 months after the submission of the application. However, in some cases, this period can be as long as a year and even more. It is important to submit all the required documents to not waste any time.

How to Get Belize Citizenship by Marriage?

Applicants who marry a Belize citizen will be able to become a Belize citizen. The best part of this method to get Belize citizenship is the application does not have any waiting period. However, the couple must prove that they have not been married for immigration benefits.

A detailed background check will be performed about the couple. In case fraud may be detected, the couple can be sentenced, deported, or receive a lifetime ban for getting Belize citizenship. The same background check will also be performed for the children of the couple.

How to Get Belize Citizenship by Birth?

When a new kid is Born in Belize and his or her birth certificate is issued by the hospital, clinic, or midwife, that kid will be eligible for Belize citizenship. The parents should take this certification to Birth Registry offices in the country.

After submitting the birth certificate as well as the application for Belize citizenship, a detailed check will be performed. At the end of the process, the kid will be granted Belize citizenship.

How to Get Belize Citizenship by Residence Permit?

You can apply for a Belize residence permit to stay and work in the country. After living for at least five years without any interruption, the person will be eligible for citizenship. The applicant must have enough funds to sustain his or her life in Belize.

Although you do not have to deposit money into your account every month, you need to prove that you have enough financial resources to obtain residency status. After living for the required period in the country and meeting the requirements, applicants can be granted Belize citizenship.

What Are the Fees for Belize Citizenship?

Belize has different pricing policies for the citizens of different countries. These fees vary between $125 and $2,000. For example, while the United Kingdom and the United States citizens need to pay $1,000, Caricom citizens are required to pay $250.

If you need to get residency, all applicants are charged $62.50. It may be a good idea for you to work with a consultancy agency to learn the pricing according to your nationality.

Belize implements different policies for different nationalities. Thus, those who do not want to waste time or money can consider hiring a consultant. There are many consultancy agencies that can help you to facilitate the application process for you.