Gibraltar Travel Guide

Want to travel to Gibraltar?

Most of us heard about Gibraltar in history classes. However, most of us do not know where it is or how it looks either. It is safe to say that Gibraltar is a typical English city with a Mediterranean climate. It used to be ruled by Spain, but later it was acquired by the British government.

Every single detail, from pub culture to mailboxes, is British, but the island is kilometers away from Britain. The fact that Spain still claims Gibraltar makes this island quite unique too. It is also important to note that Gibraltar has great geopolitical importance since it is in a place where Africa and Europe are so close to each other.

Rather than an island, Gibraltar is a small piece of rock. Therefore, the British named Gibraltar, The Rock. If you would like to learn more about this amazing destination, keep reading.

How to visit Gibraltar?

Unfortunately, there are only daily flights to Gibraltar from Morocco and the United Kingdom. However, you should not worry since there are a few alternative routes you can prefer to visit Gibraltar. Here are all these alternative routes:

Morocco - You can book a flight from Royal Air Maroc. There are flights to Gibraltar from Casablanca and Tangiers.

England - You can book a flight from British Airlines. There are flights to Gibraltar from London Heathrow Airport. You can also book flights from EasyJet, which takes off from Gatwick Airport.

Spain - Malaga and Seville Airport are the closest airports to Gibraltar. You can book flights with many airlines.

How is the climate of Gibraltar?

Since Gibraltar is in the Mediterranean, the weather is mild and beautiful even in autumn. Many Europeans prefer Gibraltar as an alternative to Spain. You can enjoy a spectacular day in Gibraltar at any time of the day. However, it is generally crowded in the summer seasons.

Where to stay in Gibraltar?

You can find many hotels and apartment-hotels in the area. In addition to this, many homeowners rent their apartments on Airbnb. The Elliot Hotel Gibraltar is located in the middle of the region. You can easily visit every corner of the island from this hotel.

Top 10 Experiences in Gibraltar

Here are the top ten experiences you need to experience during your visit in Gibraltar. We highly recommend trying all of them during your stay.

Moorish Castle Gibraltar

The southern part of Spain was conquered by the Moors, who ruled for more than 7 centuries. Gibraltar used to be a city full of mosques, palaces, and Turkish baths. The Moors civilization built Moorish Castle in the 11th century.

In those times, the city used to be known as Medina Al Fath, which means the City of Victory. Unfortunately, the Tower of Homage is the only surviving part of the real Moorish Castle.

The island was conquered by the United Kingdom in 1704. Until 2010, the island used to be a temporary prison.

You can reach the garden of the castle after buying a ticket from the ticket office. Since the castle was built on a hillside, you cross a short bridge that connects the garden and tower. Here, you are going to see many macaque monkeys.

There are some rooms in the area, and you can witness some of the best examples of Islamic architecture. Do not miss your chance to visit the terrace of the castle. The view from here is spectacular. Visitors can visit the castle between 09:30 and 18:15.

Gibraltar Beaches

There are six beaches located on the east and west part of the island. Camp Bay, Sandy Bay, and Catalan Bay are the most popular beaches. You can visit Catalan Bay by walking from the city center. Sandy Bay is quite close to Catalan Bay too.

If you do not want to walk, you can take a bus to visit Catalan Beach as well.

Visit Gibraltar by Crossing the Border from Spain

If you have a Schengen visa, you can cross the border from Spain to visit Gibraltar. It is a great experience, which we recommend. Many British who cannot find free flights usually visit Spain after landing in Gibraltar.

Depending on the season, sometimes traffic can be quite heavy when you are going to cross the border with your personal car.

Monkeys of Gibraltar

Barbary Monkeys are the only monkey species living in Europe. They live in the upper regions of the Rock of Gibraltar. It is not possible to see them in the city center.

In fact, these monkeys are originally from Africa, but they have already made Gibraltar their home. Their cute look should not fool you since they are wild animals.

They steal food and goods from tourists. You should not give them any food or try to pet them. If you are planning to do so, you will change your mind when you see their long teeth.

Climb to Rock of Gibraltar

You can climb to the highest point of the Rock of Gibraltar with a cable car. In this way, you can enjoy the spectacular view of Gibraltar and North Africa. The cable car is in the city center.

Interesting Culture of Gibraltar

Despite its small population, you can meet new people coming from every part of Europe. You can already feel the cultural diversity in Gibraltar from the first moment you arrive here. Many cultures, such as English, Spanish, Arabic, and Jewish cultures live together in a friendly way on this island.

Historic Streets of Gibraltar

Gibraltar witnessed many historical and important events throughout history. Thus, you are going to witness many historical buildings in the narrow streets of Gibraltar. We highly recommend taking a walk in the city in your free time.

You can also taste amazing food in local restaurants or find a beautiful souvenir for your friends and family members at home.

Ocean Village

Ocean Village is the marina of Gibraltar, which is only ten minutes walking distance from the Gibraltar Airport. Royal Ocean Plaza, which is Gibraltar’s largest and most popular residence, was built in 2003.

The area has become very popular since then and many apartments, bars, and cafes were built in the area in the last twenty years. You can even find some small supermarkets, stores, and even pharmacies.

Ocean Village is an amazing choice for those who are looking for a place to stay. It offers many opportunities to have some fun during your stay too.

Tax-Free Shopping

Gibraltar is tax-free. This means that you are going to enjoy tax-free shopping in all worldly famous brands. Also, you can enjoy delicious food, local or foreign beverages at affordable prices.

Gibraltar Airport

Gibraltar Airport is located on the opposite side of the city center. Therefore, you need to pass through the airport track. We believe you have never experienced such an experience before.

You are going to enjoy another great experience while leaving the city. You will be able to watch your plane landing while you are sipping your coffee.