Family Reunification Visa for the Czech Republic

Find out everything you wonder about the Czech Republic Family Reunification Visa from this article!

If you are planning to get a visa to visit the Czech Republic and you have first-degree relatives in the country, you can apply for a family reunification visa for the Czech Republic. In this guide, we have covered every single detail you may want to know about this visa.

Below, you can learn who is eligible for this visa, where and when you should apply, and the required documents for the application. Moreover, you can also learn what you need to do after the approval. So, let’s start without losing any time!

Who Can Apply for a Family Reunification Visa for the Czech Republic?

One of the easiest Czech Republic visas you can get is a family reunification visa. However, this visa is not suitable for everyone. As the name suggests, you need a family member who is living or working in the country to apply for. Moreover, your relative must be a non-EU citizen.

Of course, you can still apply for a family reunification visa even if your relative is an EU citizen. However, there are better visas you can apply for in this instance. For example, you can apply for a temporary residence permit for family members of EU citizens or a partnership visa.

It is important to note that this visa is designed for spouses and children. This means that any non-EU citizen who starts to work in the country and receives an employee card can bring his or her spouse or children. This makes the process quite easy so that families can unite!

On the other hand, although possible, you cannot get this visa for your parents. Of course, there are some exceptions. For example, if you can prove that your parents cannot take care of themselves and you are going to provide care to them in the Czech Republic, they can receive this visa too. However, you may need to submit additional documents such as the medical history of your parents.

When and Where Do You Need to Apply for a Family Reunification Visa for the Czech Republic?

This visa application has two steps. First, the main applicant who is working in the Czech Republic should apply for a visa. To do this, the applicant must have a valid employee card. Once the application of the applicant is approved, the second party applies.

While the main applicant submits his or her application to the Ministry of the Interior, the second applicant can apply to any Czech Embassy. He or she can apply to any embassy in any country without the requirement for applying from the permanently resided country.

Which Documents Do You Need to Submit for a Family Reunification Visa for the Czech Republic?

Of course, just like all visa applications, you need to submit some documents together with your application. Applicants must make the following documents before submitting their application.

  • Application form
  • Passport (Valid for 1,5 more years and with 2 blank pages)
  • 2 biometric photos
  • Proof of accommodation for at least a year
  • Proof of funds with bank statement
  • Documents for the purpose of stays such as marriage certification or birth certificates of your children.
  • Criminal check
  • Medical insurance
  • Consent of the other parent. This is only required when you only apply for the visa for your children.
  • 200 Euro application fee for adults and 100 Euro for kids

It is worth noting that you need to provide the original or notarized copies of the documents. All documents must be issued at most 6 months before the application date. You also need to translate your documents to Czech by a certified translator and notarize the documents.

What to Do After Your Family Reunification Visa Application Approved?

On average, all applications are evaluated and concluded between 60 and 90 days. When the Czech government approves your applicant and grants a visa, your relatives can move to the country at the determined dates. Please note that you will not be able to visit the country before the date specified in your application.