Employment in Turkey for Foreigners

In this article, we’ll talk about employment opportunities and some popular jobs in Turkey.

During the last decade, many improvements carried out for the employment laws of foreigners in Turkey. Many foreigners used to work illegally in the country, and they were not able to benefit from health insurance, earn less in their overtime, and had difficulties getting paid. Today, foreigners who are planning to reside and work in Turkey can benefit from the same opportunities that locals do.

According to the most recent statistical report published by The Ministry of Labor and Social Security, more than 120,000 work permits granted in 2020. The majority of the applications were made in Istanbul, which is the most crowded and important Turkish city connecting two continents with three bridges over the Bosphorus. Istanbul was followed by Antalya, which is a city famous for its touristic facilities and attracts the highest number of tourists in the country.

Popular Jobs for Foreigners in Turkey

Turkey does not put any limitations on the job fields that foreigners can work. They have the right to work in any field they desire. There are many vacant positions for foreigners in positions such as management, marketing, sales, technical information, and translation departments of national and international companies in Turkey.

In addition to this, tourism and education are the two commonly preferred fields by foreigners in Turkey.

Seasonal positions are also possible, especially in tourist destinations. Many hotels and travel agencies look for foreigners to work with especially during the summer season. The beauty of Turkey attracts millions of tourists every year and you may prefer to be a tour guide in your native language.

If you are planning to be a certified tour guide by the Ministry of Tourism, then a few years of training is required. However, many travel agencies and hotels are looking for native speakers and most of them do not care about your certification.

If you are interested in entertainment, then other positions such as travel agent or animator can be an ideal choice for you.

If you would like to be a teacher and have TESOL certification, you can easily land a job in any city in Turkey. Many private educational institutions are looking for foreigners to fill their language teaching positions. You don’t have to be a native to be an English teacher in Turkey.

Some of the Popular Job Search Platforms in Turkey

The vast majority of Turkish companies are sharing their job vacancies through their official websites. However, most of them post some of these positions on online platforms too. Below, you can find some of the online job search platforms that can help you to find a job in Turkey.

  • Kariyer.net: This is one of the most popular job search platforms in Turkey. You can access thousands of vacant positions through their platform.
  • Eleman.net: The second-largest job search platform in Turkey. Most employers prefer this one or kariyer.net to find their new employees.
  • LinkedIn: LinkedIn is also popular in Turkey, and you can find many business groups organized and managed by Turkish employment agencies.

If you are planning to make a dramatic change in your life and want to move to Turkey, we assure you it is a great decision. We would like to note that finding a job as a foreigner in Turkey is quite easy regardless of your nationality.


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