Emergency Numbers in Germany

In this article, we’ll share the German emergency numbers that we hope you’ll never need.

Whether you are an expat living in Germany or a tourist passing by, you may need to contact officials in some instances. If you want to know some of the emergency numbers you may need while in Germany, this guide is for you. Below, we have covered everything that you may want to know about the emergency numbers in Germany.

Common Emergency Numbers in Germany

The most common emergency numbers that people look for are police, fire service, and medical service. As you may be in a challenging situation, you may also need to call these numbers to help someone you see on the street.

In this regard, you have to call 110 for the police, 112 for the fire services and medical service. Besides serving in German, you can always find an English-speaking representative by pressing the correct numbers on your phone.

These are the most searched emergency numbers in Germany. Now, let’s take a look at the least searched or needed numbers in the country.

Mental Health Emergency Numbers in Germany

You can visit any hospital or clinic to receive professional help. However, if this is not the case for you right now, then there are institutions that you can call. One of them is TelefonSeelsorge. This institution provides counseling and advice. You can call them by dialing 0800 111 0 111 or 0800 111 0 222. You can also dial 116 123.

Drug and Alcohol Emergency Numbers in Germany

If you have a drug or alcohol-related problem, there are two institutions you can call. The first one is Guttempler. They offer support for drug and alcohol problems as well as medication. You can call them by dialing 0180 365 2407.

Additionally, you can also call the Alcoholics Anonymous line for your alcohol-related problems. All you need to do is dial 8731 32573 12.

Children, Youth and Family Emergency Numbers in Germany

You can contact the authorities in case any children or youth are in danger or trouble. For this purpose, you have to contact NumberGegen Kummer. All you need to do is dial 0800 111 0550. Additionally, you can call Caritas Jugendhilfe to request support for youth. You can call them by dialing 9502 or 9246.

Crime-Related Emergency Numbers in Germany

For sexual violence, you can directly call the government by dialing 08000 116 016. For terrorism-related problems, you can again call the government, but this time you need to dial 0221 792 3366.

If you suffer from fraud or similar problems, you need to contact the police by dialing 110.

Utility Emergency Numbers in Germany

You can call fire services for many problems or events due to utilities, and you can also directly contact the relevant officials. In this respect, you need to dial 01801 267 267 for electricity, 01801 427 242 for gas, and 0228 1810 for the telephone.

Animal-Related Emergency Numbers in Germany

Unfortunately, there is no emergency line for animal-related problems. You’ll need to contact the police or fire department for emergencies most of the time.

Popular Bank Numbers in Germany

If you have problems with your card, knowing the emergency numbers you can call may benefit you. For this purpose, you can dial 069 97 97 10 00 for American Express, 05921 86 12 34 for Diners Club, 069 74 09 87 for EC and Bank Cards.

Additionally, you can call Mastercard by dialing 069 79 33 19 10 and Visa by dialing 0800 81 49 100.


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