Does SurveyMonkey Work in China?

If you are wondering about the best SurveyMonkey alternatives in China, you are in the right place!

SurveyMonkey is one of the most reliable survey platforms in the world. If you are planning to conduct a survey to learn more about the customer preferences and needs in China, this guide is for you. Before starting, we need to emphasize that China is famous for internet censorship.

This makes SurveyMonkey inaccessible in China. However, you do not have to worry since we have compiled everything you need to know to learn about Chinese consumers and their habits. Below, you can find some of the famous Chinese alternatives to conduct a survey in China.

Best 5 SurveyMonkey Alternatives in China

Being not able to use SurveyMonkey in China is not the end of the world. In fact, you can find plenty of reputable platforms where you can learn more about Chinese consumers, their preferences, and habits. Below, we have covered everything you might want to know to conduct a survey in China. - 易企秀

This is the most popular survey platform in China. If you are willing to reach a wider audience, then we can recommend this amazing platform. The best part of is it works on WeChat. WeChat is an application that is almost the same as WhatsApp. The only difference is it dominates the Chinese market.

You can access more than 900 million users with the help of and the WeChat combination. It is the best option for you to learn more about Chinese consumers and their preferences. However, the platform has some limitations.

First, you need a public account. Second, you cannot conduct a survey that includes more than 6 answers. In addition to this, each answer should be 15 characters at maximum. On the other hand, creating a survey is a piece of cake and users can see the overall results of the survey after participating in it.

Wenjuan - 问卷网

Wenjuan is another survey platform you can use. The best part of this platform is it is completely free. In addition to this, it also offers numerous survey templates for the users. Since it is free, it does not offer a lot of customization and may not be ideal for professional surveys.

However, if you are conducting a survey for your small business or personal purposes, you can still prefer it.

Diaochapai -调查派

Diaochapai is a premium survey platform that is designed for businesses and organizations. You can customize your entire survey including CSS styling and logo once you start your subscription. The best part of this platform is it offers a detailed report for your survey.

You are going to have full control over your work with the help of the amazing dashboard. From here, you can also visualize the data of your results and if you can, you can also categorize the results. Moreover, it also allows you to analyze the trends.

Hudongba - 互动吧

If you are planning to conduct a survey for a specific location in China, then you need to prefer Hudongba. You can enjoy instant results whenever you want. However, you need to submit your survey to the users you would like to access.

Besides text, you can also include videos, location, messages, and images in your survey. You can also let your participants comment on your survey too. In short, it is a highly interactive service.

Drip - 水滴微信平台

Drip may be the ideal choice for those who are planning to make data analysis. It also appeals to the eyes with its brilliant design. The best part of this platform is it is fully customizable. You can even let your participants upload a video or image to the answers.

With hundreds of features, it is the most comprehensive survey platform in China. However, this can be a significant setback for some users since you need some time to get used to the system.