Belek Travel Guide: What to do in Belek?

Belek is one of the places where the most magnificent and affordable hotels in the world are located.

Belek is a quiet and beautiful tourist attraction center in the Serik district of Antalya. Belek, which was a village in the past, has settled as the name of the entire coastal region, which houses almost all 5-star facilities, and later became a town. Besides being one of the most important tourism regions, it is famous for hosting the most beautiful golf clubs in Turkey.

Belek, which is 40 km away from Antalya, has started to come to the forefront as a different holiday region from Antalya over time. It offers many holiday experiences together with its luxury hotels, various shopping opportunities, extreme sports and incredible golf facilities. In addition to being known as the golf center of Turkey, it is also the focus of attention of athletes and professional teams with more than 50 football fields and more than 200 tennis courts.

Where is Belek?

Belek is located 40 km east of Antalya city centre. It takes about 50 minutes by car from the city center to Belek. Of course, there are many public transportation vehicles, taxis, car rentals and private chauffeur services in the region.

How to get to Belek?

It is possible to reach Belek from the city center by public transportation, taxi and private transportation services. The distance between Belek and Antalya Airport is approximately 30 km. People arriving by plane can also easily reach Belek via the shuttles that depart regularly from the airport.

The distances between Belek and some major cities in Turkey are briefly as follows:

Distance from Istanbul to Belek: 720 km and about 8 hours by car

Distance from Izmir to Belek: 500 km and about 6 hours by car.

Distance from Ankara to Belek: 544 km and approximately 6 and a half hours by car.

Distance from Muğla to Belek: 350 km and approximately 4 and a half hours by car.

Distance from Antalya to Belek: 40 km and approximately 50 minutes by car.

Transportation in Belek

There is public transportation service in the hotels area and the center, but taxis are preferred more in Belek. Although the quality and frequency of public transportation has increased compared to the past, unfortunately you still have to use a taxi for 24-hour transportation.

Are taxis expensive in Belek?

The answer to this question is relative, but we can say that it is neither too expensive nor too cheap. However, to satisfy your curiosity, we searched for taxi transportation prices from Belek and its neighboring district Kadriye to hotels and various places.

ONE WAY (from Belek city center) USD EUR
Cornelia Diamond Golf Resort 5 6
Su Sesi Hotel 5 6
Ela Quality Resort 5 6
Magic Life Water World 5 6
Belconti Resort 4 5
Limak Arcadia Golf Resort 3 4
Paloma Grida Hotel 3 4
Güral Premier Hotel 4 5
Spice Hotel 5 6
Adam and Eve 5 6
Maxx Royal 5 6
Voyage Belek 5 6
Armas Soho Hotel 5 5
Magic Life Imperial 5 6
Cornelia Deluxe Resort 5 6
Papillon Ayscha 5 6
Maritim Palm Beach Hotel 6 7
Limak Atlantis Hotel 6 7
Gloria Verde Hotel 6 7
Papillon Zeugma Hotel 6 7
Rixos Premium Hotel 7 8
Cesars Temple Hotel 7 8
Letonya Golf Resort 7 8
Gloria Serenity 10 12
Gloria Golf Resort 10 12
Xanadu Resort Hotel 10 12
Robinson Club Nobilis 10 12
Granada Luxury 4 5
Sueno Golf Hotels 11 13
Calista Luxury Hotel 11 13
Selectum Luxury 11 13
Bellis Deluxe Hotel 11 13
Papillon Belvil Hotel 10 12
Altis Golf Hotel 10 12
Robinson Masmavi Hotel 10 12
Zeynep Golf Resort Hotel 10 12
Melisa Garden Hotel 9 10
Riu Kaya Hotel 11 13
Carya Regnum Hotel 11 13
Inn Vista Hotel 11 13
Belcon Hotel 12 14
Ak Palace Hotel 14 16
Titanic Deluxe Hotel 15 17
Kempinski Hotel the Dome 15 17
Sirene Golf Hotel 15 17
Green Max Hotel 15 17
IC Hotels Santai 15 17
Crystal Tat Beach Golf Resort 15 17
Adora Golf Resort 15 17
Club Mega Saray 15 17
Tui Magic Life (Ex. Asteria Club Belek) 15 17
The Land of Legends 11 13
Kadriye 11 13
Boğazkent 18 20

All are current prices for summer 2021. We will update this section as often as we can, but in case we forget, please remind us by commenting below. We have a lot of friends there and they will be happy to provide the most up-to-date information!

How far is Lara beach from Belek?

The distance between Lara beach and Belek is 25 km and takes a maximum of 30 minutes by car. You can also travel easily between two points with the public transport bus number BK21.

When to go to Belek?

As you can imagine, the Mediterranean climate prevails in Belek. There is more precipitation in winter than in summer, and it has a hot and humid climate.

Although the average temperature in summer is between 28-36 °C according to scientific data, the temperature felt (Heat index) is much higher than this.

The tourist season in Belek usually lasts from the beginning of April to the end of November. Although tourists generally prefer summer, we recommend those who are bothered by the extreme heat to come between May - June and September - November.

Where to stay in Belek?

Belek, which has a total hotel bed capacity of over 73 thousand in the region, is perhaps the last place where you will find it difficult to find a place to stay. There are places in the region that appeal to all budgets. The variety ranges from humble hostels and boutique hotels to incredible luxury hotels.

However, this is a place famous for Turkey’s most luxurious hotels and golf courses. In other words, we can say that Belek is a little more expensive than other tourism regions in Antalya. Although almost all the hotels in Belek are on the seafront, there are also huge and fun water parks in the hotels.

In addition to these, most of the hotels in Belek offer all-inclusive services. This means that minimum stay, three meals a day, soft drinks and most alcoholic beverages are included in the reservation price.