A Brief Guide to Becoming a German Citizen by Naturalization

Wondering what are the requirements for becoming a naturalized German citizen?

Naturalization is a term that is used to define the process in which a country grants citizenship to a foreign individual. The requirement for naturalization totally depends on the countries. In this guide, we are going to discuss the requirements and other details you need to know for becoming a German citizen by naturalization.

What Are the Requirements for Naturalization?

The first requirement is that the person needs to live in Germany for the last 8 years. Of course, the applicant must legally live in the country with a residence permit. If the applicant applies for the integration course, then this period decreases to 7 years.

Secondly, the applicant must prove that he or she has sufficient German language skills to live independently in the country. You need to pass a language proficiency test. Moreover, the applicant must also be familiar with the laws, living conditions, and legal system in the country.

It is also important that you do not need any social assistance to live independently in Germany. In addition to this, the applicant should not have a criminal record both in Germany and in any part of the world.

Germany does not support dual nationality. This means that the applicant must give up from his or her previous citizenship to get German citizenship. However, in some cases, the government makes exceptions for certain groups.

What Is Naturalization by Marriage?

If the applicant marries someone who is a German citizen, he or she will be eligible for naturalization. However, the applicant still needs to meet the above-mentioned requirements to get German citizenship.

The children of these couples can directly apply for German citizenship and get it without the need for meeting any requirements. However, the children must be born after the legal marriage of the couple.

How Is Naturalization by Same-Sex Marriage?

Germany allows naturalization for same-sex marriages. However, the applicant must live for at least three years in Germany to be eligible for it. Moreover, the couple must be legally married at least 2 years before the application.

The above-mentioned requirements are still valid for the applicants who are going to apply for through the same-sex marriage.

What Should Your German Language Level Be Eligible for Naturalization?

As we previously mentioned, applicants must prove their German language skills. They must be capable of expressing themselves and understanding their opponents both in written and oral language.

The applicants need to pass the proficiency test and they need to score at least B1. Applicants also are able to speak German and prove that they can live independently within the country. This is one of the most vital requirements by the German government so that applicants can get involved in the community.

Can Criminals Become Naturalized Citizens?

Just like all countries, Germany does not accept the applications of people with a criminal record. Naturally, no one would like to accept a misfit into their society and disturb the texture of their community.

A detailed background check will be performed for each application. In case any criminal record will be detected, the application will be rejected immediately. So if you have a criminal record, you can give up your dream of becoming a German citizen.

How Much Does Naturalization Cost?

Adults who are going to apply for German citizenship by naturalization need to pay €255. Parents need to pay $51 for their children who are younger than 18 years old. It will be worth noting that the German government may waive these fees depending on special circumstances.


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